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About CDAC

Leadership & Staff

The Center for Data and Computing team facilitates research collaboration and community around data science and artificial intelligence applications at the University of Chicago.

Steering Committee

A group of faculty selected from among the University’s divisions and professional schools that sets the strategic research direction of CDAC.


As the intellectual hub and incubator for data science research at the University of Chicago, CDAC conducts activities for faculty, students, and university partners.


Working with government, industry, and academic partners from around the world to solve critical challenges, spur new ideas, and accelerate innovation.

Research Funding

Supporting innovative interdisciplinary projects intended to achieve a clear impact on major scientific, scholarly, and societal questions.

Student Opportunities

Programs that develop skills in data and computational research methodologies and practices in a continuous learning environment.


CDAC sits in the John Crerar Library Building on the University of Chicago campus, co-located with the Department of Computer Science.