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new feature on the recent expansion of computer and data science at the University of Chicago prominently features the Center for Data and Computing as an example of the interdisciplinary research at the heart of this growth. In addition to the arrival of key new faculty in critical topics such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and security, UChicago has launched new courses and initiatives designed to reflect the many ways that computer and data science interact with other areas of scholarship and society.

Today, computer science is more closely interwoven with society than ever, demanding collaborative, multidisciplinary research. Franklin and colleagues envision a uniquely UChicago approach to computer and data science—one that is based in computing foundations and utilizes the vast possibilities of data to pioneer powerful applications to shape and define these emerging fields. That holistic vision is supported by joint computer science programs with the Harris School of Public Policy and the Booth School of Business, and new campus-wide initiatives such as the Center for Data and Computing, which catalyzes data science collaborations across divisions and schools.

You can also view a new video featuring our home in the renovated John Crerar Library, alongside our colleagues in UChicago CS and the Media Arts, Data and Design Center.